Web of Science Core Collection Field Tags (Compounds)

These field tags identify fields in records that you e-mail or save to file. The data associated with compounds are identified by field names in an SD file. The field names are enclosed in angle brackets.


Author(s) / Inventors


Article Title / Patent Title


Source Title (includes full title and subtitle)

Volume (part of source)

Issue (part of source)

Publication Date (part of source)

Beginning Page (part of source)

Ending Page (part of source)


Article Number


Compound Number


Compound Name


Author Number




Molecular Weight


Biological Activity


Activity Status


Author Keywords




Addresses / Assignee Names


End of Record


Field Tags for ...
About the SD File

You can save or e-mail compounds to an SD file. An SD file (structure-data file) contains the compound's connection table, along with associated data. This file format was developed by MDL Information Systems, Inc.