Advanced Search Field Tags

Field tags enable you to search data fields within a record.



Searches for institution and/or place names in the Addresses field.


AI=Author Identifiers

Searches for Web of Science ResearcherID numbers and ORCID identifiers in the Author Identifiers table within a record.

Enter a unique Web of Science ResearcherID number or ORCID identifier with the AI field tag.



Searches for names in the following fields within a record: Author(s) and Corporate Author(s).


Last names containing a space should be searched with and without the space to ensure that all relevant records are returned. For example:

  • AU=(De Marco* OR DeMarco*)
  • AU=(Van Hecke T* OR Vanhecke T*)

See also Guidelines for Searching Names.


BD=Broad Descriptors

Searches for broad descriptors in the following fields within a record.

  • Descriptors
  • Broad Descriptors
  • Organisms Descriptors
  • Geographic Location

Remember that Broad Descriptors are automatically assigned to records indexed with Organism Descriptors and Geographic Location descriptors. Therefore, the descriptor insects is automatically assigned to records that have been indexed with any of the thousands of names for insect species found in the CAB Thesaurus.

For example, if you enter BD=insects, your search is very broad and every record that is indexed with the term insects will have the term insects in the Broad Descriptors field (for example, edible insects predatory insects, social insects, and so on).



Searches for codes in the CABICODES field within a record. The search finds classification codes that indicate the broad subject areas addressed by the source document. Every record in CABI has at least one CABICODE.



Searches the Conference field within a record.  Information include conference title, conference date, and conference location.


CR=CAS Registry No.

Searches the CAS Registry No. field within a record. See the field description for CAS Registry No. in the Full Record.



Searches for descriptors in the following fields within a record.

  • Descriptors
  • Geographic Location
  • Organism Descriptors

See the CAB Thesaurus for more information.



Searches for editor names in the Editor(s) field within a record. For example:

See also Guidelines for Searching Names


GP=Group Author

Searches for corporation and institution names in the Group Author(s) field within a record. For example:

Group Author(s): World Values Study Group; Social Insurance Institution of Finland; Research Institute of the Evangelic-Lutheran Church of Finland; TNS Gallup Finland; Finnish Social Science Data Archive



Searches the ISSN field within a record.

The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) searches for periodical publications such as journals and electronic publications. If a journal has both a print ISSN and an electronic ISSN, then both display in the Full Record. The format is four numbers, a hyphen (-), three numbers, and then a check character that may be a number or X.



Searches the ISBN field within a record.

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) searches for books. It is a unique machine-readable identifier that marks a book unmistakably. The format is a 10-digit number that contains 3 hyphens (-). The last digit is a check character, which may be a number or an X. The position of the hyphens can vary for each ISBN identifier.


PA=Accession Number

Searches the Accession Number field within a record. The accession number is a unique identifying number associated with each record in the product. It consists of a product identification code, a product year, and an item number.


PY=Year Published

Searches the Source Published field within a record. You must combine this field tag with another field tag using the AND or NOT Boolean operator.

Example: TS=cell growth AND PY=2007

When entering a range of years, restrict your search to five years or less; otherwise, processing slows down and the product returns too many unproductive results.

Example: TS=cell growth AND PY=(2008-2010)


SO=Publication Name

Searches for publication names in the Source field within a record. The product retrieves all source titles within a product database (for example, journal titles and/or book titles if the product includes books).  


SU=Research Area

Searches the Research Areas field.



Searches the Title field within a record.



Searches for topic terms in the following fields within a record.

  • Title
  • Foreign Title
  • Abstract
  • Descriptors
  • Geographical Location
  • Up-posted Descriptors
  • Identifiers
  • Organism Descriptors


Field Tags
  • AD=Address
  • AI=Author Identifiers
  • AU=Author
  • BD=Broad Descriptors
  • CF=Conference
  • CR=CAS Registry No.
  • DE=Descriptors
  • ED=Editor
  • GP=Group Author
  • PA=Accession No.
  • PY=Year Published
  • SO=Publication Name
  • SU=Research Area
  • TI=Title
  • TS=Topic


See also Advanced Search Examples