Searching the Major Concepts Index

This search aid allows you to select one or more major concepts to add to your search query.


Find Option

  1. Enter a word or phrase in the text box. Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and wildcards (* ? $) are permitted.

  2. Click the Find button to go to a list of terms that contain the characters that you entered. For example, if you enter pharma* as the search term, the product finds every item in the index that is associated with this term, such as Pharmacy and Pharmacology. The product will also find other major concepts, such as Metabolism.

  3. Click the Add button to select an item from the list. The selected item is added to the text box at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click OK to transfer the selected item(s) to the Major Concepts field on the Search page.

    If you are performing an Advanced Search, the product transfers the selected item(s) to the field box on the Advanced Search page along with the correct field tag. For example, MC=(Pharmacy OR Pharmacology).


Browsing for Major Concepts

  • Click the View in Hierarchy View in Hierarchy icon icon to browse for terms that fall within the same hierarchy as the selected term.

  • Click the View Related Taxa Notes View Related Taxa Notes icon icon to display additional information that describe how a term or code is used and/or provide historical information about its use.

  • Click the Expand Term Expand Term icon icon to display narrower terms.

Note: Go to our Major Concepts help page for a complete list of major concepts.


Major Concepts Example

The term Animal care finds:

  • Animal Care
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Veterinary Medicine


About Major Concepts
  • 77 top level major concepts
  • 91 narrow concepts
  • 168 total concepts
  • 22 top level major concepts have narrower concepts


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