Searching the ISSN Field

Enter ISSN code to search within a record for authors of these articles.

Enter one or more codes connected with search operators (AND, OR, NOT). Enter complete codes or partial codes using wildcards (* $ ?).


Left- and Right-hand Truncation

Both left- and right-hand truncation are allowed when using wildcards (* $ ?) when searching for Identifying Codes. You must enter at least one characters after a wildcard when used at the beginning of a word.


Identifying Codes Search Examples

  • BACD199800477905 finds the record that has this Accession Number.

  • BACD1998 finds records that begin with this Accession Number.

  • 0015-6639 finds records that have this ISSN identifier.

  • 0232-7* finds records that begin with this ISSN identifier.

  • *32-7* finds all records that that contain 32-7 anywhere in the ISSN identifier, such as 0032-745X and 0532-7601.


About the ISSN Identifier

The International Standard Serial Number is a unique eight-digit number that identifies periodical publications such as journals and electronic publications.

The format is four numbers, a hyphen (-), three numbers, and then a check character that may be a number or an X. Example: 0015-6639