Searching the Classification Field

The Classification field contains terms from the Inspec Classification that were assigned to records by Inspec indexers to represent the subject addressed by source documents.

Keep in mind that if you search by a higher level code, you do not automatically retrieve records indexed with subordinate codes. The search A2800 will only return records that contain the code A2800. (Those records may include additional codes, including codes subordinate to A2800.) The search A28* will find records indexed with any code beginning with A28 such as A2800, A2820, A2820C, and A2841.

Classification codes are particularly useful when combined with searches of the Topic or Controlled Index field. For example:


A43* OR B78*


Inspec Classification List

Select the Inspec Classification search aid to look up Classification Codes that you can add to your search.

Classification Examples
  • A9555
  • A9555 OR A9575
  • A28* AND B72*
Search Tip

Join multiple codes with the search operators AND, OR, or NOT.