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Document Type Descriptions

Article: Reports of research on original works. Includes research papers, features, brief communications, case reports, technical notes, chronology, and full papers that were presented at a symposium or conference.

Art Exhibit Review: Reviews of gallery or museum showings of artworks.

Bibliography: A list, often with descriptive or critical notes, of writings relating to a particular subject.

Biographical-Item: Obituaries, articles focusing on the life of an individual, and articles that are tributes to or commemorations of an individual.

Book Review: A critical appraisal of a book (often reflecting a reviewer's personal opinion or recommendation) that evaluates such aspects as organization and writing style, possible market appeal, and cultural, political, or literary significance.

Correction: Correction of errors found in articles that were previously published and which have been made known after that article was published. Includes additions, errata, and retractions.

Dance Performance Review: Reviews of solo dance recitals, complete dance productions, dance programs consisting of several works, and other types of performed dances.

Database Review: A critical appraisal of a database, often reflecting a reviewer's personal opinion or recommendation. Refers to a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system.

Discussion: An article or paper that discusses questions in an open and usually informal debate. Generally finds records dating back to 1996 or before.

Editorial Material: An article that gives the opinions of a person, group, or organization. Includes editorials, interviews, commentary, and discussions between individual, post-paper discussions, round table symposia, and clinical conferences.

Excerpt: A selection from or a fragment of a literary or musical work, which cannot stand as a separate work in its own right.

Fiction, Creative Prose: Includes short stories and other works of creative prose.

Film Review: A review of a motion picture.

Hardware Review: A critical appraisal of computer hardware, often reflecting a reviewer's personal opinion or recommendation. Refers to objects that you can actually touch, like disk drives, keyboards, printers.

Letter: Contributions or correspondence from the readers to the journal editor concerning previously published material.

Meeting Abstract: A general summation of completed papers that were or will be presented at a symposium or conference.

Music Performance Review: Review of a live musical performance (recital, concert, and opera).

Music Score: Transcript of the original and entire draft of a musical composition or an arrangement with the parts for the different instruments or voices written on staffs one above another.

Music Score Review: Review of a bound musical composition or bound collection of musical compositions.

News Item: News, current events, and recent developments.

Note: A paper that mentions or remarks on a published paper on a specific subject. Generally finds records dating back to 1996 or before.

Poetry: Compositions in verse; metrical writing.

Record Review: Reviews of recorded music or speech.

Reprint: An article that was previously published.

Review: A renewed study of material previously studied. Includes review articles and surveys of previously published literature. Usually will not present any new information on a subject.

Script: includes film scripts, plays, TV, and radio scripts.

Software Review: A critical appraisal of computer software, often reflecting a reviewer's personal opinion or recommendation. Refers to programs, procedures, and rules, along with associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system.

Theater Review: Review of a performed play.

TV Review, Radio Review: Reviews of television and radio broadcasts.


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