Web of Science ResearcherID

Web of Science ResearcherID is a unique identifier that connects you to your publications across the Web of Science ecosystem (i.e.,Web of SciencePublons, and InCites) and provides the global research community with an invaluable index to author information.

Having a Web of Science ResearcherID helps:

  • solve author identity issues
  • ensure correct attribution between you and your publications on the Web of Science
  • add dynamic citation metrics from the Web of Science Core Collection and other missing metadata to publication records on your Publons profile, Web of Science, InCites and more
  • effortlessly keep your ORCID up to date by linking it to your ResearcherID on Publons

Assigning a unique ResearcherID to every researcher with at least one publication on the Web of Science standardizes and clarifies author names and citations, and makes your information search straightforward and accessible. 

We fully integrated ResearcherID across Web of Science collections, Publons profiles, and InCites. It can also link to your ORCID to ensure you’re properly credited for your work across the web.


Publons is a free resource for the global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community. After registering with Publons, you get a Web of Science ResearcherID number. This number doesn't change, even if you change your name or institution affiliation. 

You can create an online profile to show your publication history. Publons draws a connection between you and your work, and assures an accurate record of output and attribution. It also helps your colleagues quickly find your published work and identify you as a potential collaborator.


Publons Features

Publons is a profile used by researchers in the scholarly research community to claim, manage, and showcase their work. This includes:

  • Claiming their publications in the Web of Science
  • Managing and showing their full publication history 
  • Tracking their Web of Science Core Collection times cited counts and h-index 
  • Tracking their peer review history and editorial board memberships for scholarly journals
  • Identifying potential collaborators
  • Helping avoid author misidentification 

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