About Derwent Innovations Index

Derwent Innovations Index is a research tool that provides Web access to more than 30 million inventions detailed in over 65 million patent documents. It includes links to cited and citing patents, cited articles, and full-text patent data sources.

Derwent Innovations Index opens the power of patent searching to all levels of an organization, allowing you to browse patent records by entering simple search queries. Coverage includes patent records from Derwent World Patents Index and patent citation information from Derwent Patents Citation Index.

Derwent Innovations Index also includes Derwent Chemistry Resource (separate subscription required), a unique database containing chemical structures that you can search by entering chemical search terms and/or chemical structures.

Derwent Chemistry Resource allows you to browse through the chemical structure database to develop new ideas on compound structure advances and to learn of new compounds that have hit the market.

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Derwent Chemistry Resource - a subscription is required to search for compound structures in Derwent Innovations Index.

To search for and view chemical structures in Derwent Innovations Index, you must be able to use the Accelrys JDraw applet. If you cannot see the applet when you access the Compound Search page, then you must download Java to your machine in order to create chemical structures.

See Downloading the Java Plug-in for information on how to perform the download.


About this Product

You can use Derwent Innovations Index to:

  • Determine the extent to which an invention has been protected internationally;

  • Search for English language equivalents in order to review patent documents published in an unfamiliar language;

  • Research technological advances within your field;

  • Find potential gaps in the marketplace;

  • Review the novelty of your company's invention;

  • Track technological trends within your field;

  • Keep abreast of licensing opportunities; and

  • Avoid/watch for patent infringement.