Searching the Assignee - Name Only Field

Searches the Patent Assignee Name(s) field within a patent record. This search restricts your search to names found within Patent Assignee Name(s) field.

  1. Enter one or more assignee names connected with search operators. You can enter complete names or partial names using wildcards.

  2. Click Search.


About Patent Assignee Names and Codes

To standardize company names, Derwent assigns a unique 4-letter code to approximately 21,000 companies worldwide. These companies are regarded as standard companies, and regularly file a large number of patent applications. Use of these codes retrieves subsidiaries and related holdings of the company. Other companies and individual patent assignees are given a non-standard 4-letter code, which is not unique. Patent codes appear as:

  • ABCD-C (Standard Company)
  • ABCD-N Nonstandard
  • ABCD-R Soviet Institute
  • ABCD-I Individual

Note that patentee names were limited to a maximum of 4 names, each having up to 24 characters up until 1992, when the limit was raised to 40 characters with no restriction on the total number of names. The name may be shortened or abbreviated to fit the restriction. Example: INT for International


Search Examples
  • Enter Unilever to find patent records with an assignee name that starts with the word Unilever.

  • Enter Iner-n OR Ryobi to find patent records with assignee names that start with either Iner-N (for example, Ind Ergonomics and Inertia Dynamics) or Ryobi (for example, Ryobi Outdoor Products and Ryobi Materline Ltd.).

  • Enter Microsoft to find patent records that contains this assignee name in the Patent Assignee(s) and Codes(s) within the Full Record. Note that if you enter the assignee code (MICT) for this company, the product returns an error message.