Searching the Cited Inventor Field

Searches the Inventor Name(s) field within a patent record.

Enter one or more inventor names connected with search operators. Enter full names or partial names using wildcards (* $ ?).

Alternatively, click the search aid link to look for specific inventors to add to your search.


Inventor Search Examples

  • Smith finds Smith A, Smith R, Smith J E, and so on.

  • Smith A finds Smith A, Smith A J, Smith A L, and so on.

  • Smith AJ OR Smith A J finds Smith A J.

  • Smith AND Jones finds Smith and Jones.

  • Smith NOT Smith A finds Smith R, Smith J E, Smith R W, and so on, but it does not find Smith A.


Search Tips
  • When searching for an inventor with more than one initial, enter the initials without spaces between them (for example, Becker SC) even though the name may display with a space between the initials.

  • Enter full names or partial names using wildcards.


About Cited Inventors

In many records, inventors whose names contain non-alphanumeric characters are listed twice within the inventor field: one listing contains the non-alphanumeric character, and one does not (no space is included for apostrophes, but a space is included for hyphens). When searching for these inventors, only the occurrences of the name that match the search term are highlighted in the results.