Searching the Compound Name Field

Searches the Preferred Name and Synonym Name(s) fields within the Derwent Chemistry Resource database.

Enter one or more compound names. Enter full names or partial names using the asterisk (*) wildcard.


About Compound Names

Two compound name indexes are available.

  • Synonyms (default value): Searches words within the Synonym Name(s) field and Preferred Name fields.

  • Systematic: Searches words within the Systematic Name field.

  • Both - Searches words within the Synonym Name(s), Preferred Name, and Systematic Name fields.


Search Examples
  • insulin
  • insulin OR barium
  • insulin NOT barium
  • cellobiose-dehydrogenase
  • cello*


Search Tip

If you have trouble searching for compound names (both synonyms and systematic names), try using quotation marks ("") to enclose the search query. This is required if the compound name contains information within parentheses. For example:

"Sodium Alginate (RN 1866ALGI)" returns one result.

On the other hand:

Sodium Alginate (RN 1866ALGI) returns no results because of the parentheses () in the compound name.