Searching the Derwent Primary Accession Number Field

Searches the Derwent Primary Accession Number field within a patent record.

Enter one or more Primary Accession Numbers connected with the OR Boolean search operator. You can enter a complete Primary Accession Number or a partial Primary Accession Number using wildcards.


About Derwent Primary Accession Numbers

The Primary Accession Number (PAN) is a unique identification number assigned by Derwent to each document. It consists of the following:

  • the year of publication,
  • a six-digit serial number, and
  • a two-digit update number indicating when Derwent published the patent abstract.

To search for a patent using the PAN, enter the four-digit year, a hyphen, and then the six-digit serial number.


Search Examples
  • 1999-468964 finds this single patent record.

  • 1999-527918 OR 1999-527668 finds both these patent records.

  • 1999-52791* finds every patent records that begin with 1999-52791.


Search Tip

When using wildcards in a PAN search query, always truncate after the 9th number. For example:

1999-52791* returns several results.

On the other hand:

1999-5279* returns no results.