Searching the International Patent Classification Field

Searches the International Patent Classification (IPC) field within a patent record.

Enter one or more classifications connected with search operators. You can enter complete IPC codes or partial IPC codes using wildcards.

Alternatively, click the search aid link to look for specific IPC codes to add to your search.


About International Patent Classification Codes

The International Patent Classification (IPC) is an internationally recognized classification system that is controlled by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and assigned to patent documents by Patent Offices.

In the Derwent Class Codes lists, we have indicated the equivalent IPC in an abbreviated form (for example, A47, F23) against the Derwent class (for example, P2, Q73). However, this should only be taken as a guide, since there are areas where the Derwent class codes are assigned by our subject experts, and no strict correspondence is claimed.

In sections P and Q (Engineering Sections) the correlation between the IPC and Derwent class is exact.

Since the national patent offices may apply IPCs in different ways, the same invention patented in a number of countries can have different IPCs. The Derwent patent family structure solves this problem by assigning the most appropriate Derwent class(es) to the basic patent record. All other members of the family then automatically take the same class(es). The exception to this is for Engineering patents where the classes applied to the equivalent patent may be revised if the IPCs change.


Search Examples
  • B23K-026/00 finds all patent records with this IPC.

  • G09G* finds all patent records with IPCs that begin with G09G.

  • B23K* AND B24B* finds all patent records with IPCs that begin with both of these codes.