World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Country Coverage

Clarivate sources patent data from 47 patent-issuing authorities and 2 journal sources to create Derwent World Patents Index®—the world's most comprehensive collection of professionally abstracted and annotated patent documents.

The following table list the 47 patent-issuing authorities.


(AU) Australia

(AT) Austria

(BE) Belgium

(BR) Brazil

(CA) Canada

(CH) Switzerland

(CN) China

(CS) Czechoslovakia

(CZ) Czech Republic

(DD) Germany (East)

(DE) Germany

(DK) Denmark

(EP) European

(ES) Spain

(FI) Finland

(FR) France

(GB) United Kingdom

(HK) Hong Kong

(HU) Hungary

(IN) India

(IE) Ireland

(IL) Israel

(IT) Italy

(JP) Japan

(KR) Korea

(LU) Luxembourg

(MY) Malaysia

(MX) Mexico

(NL) Netherlands

(NO) Norway

(NZ) New Zealand

(PH) Philippines

(PL) Poland

(PT) Portugal

(RD) Research Disclosure

(RO) Romania

(RU) Russian Federation

(SE) Sweden

(SG) Singapore

(SK) Slovakia

(SU) Soviet Union

(TH) Thailand

(TP) International Technology Disclosures

(TW) Taiwan

(US) United States

(VN) Vietnam


(ZA) South Africa


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About each country in the WIPO table, including the kind of patent coverage and start dates, go to Derwent World Patents Index Coverage Web site. The Web site includes the latest updates available for each country.