Invalid Left-hand Truncation

Left-hand truncation is available when performing a search in the following fields:

  • Topic
  • Title
  • Identifying Code

In Topic and Title searches, you must enter at least three English-language characters after the wildcard when truncation is used at the beginning of a word.

See also Right- and Left-hand Truncation


Lemmatization and Left-hand Truncation

The product automatically applies lemmatization rules in Topic and Title search queries. Lemmatization only applies to English-language search terms.

However, left-hand truncation automatically turns off lemmatization in some types of queries. For example, a search for *valves returns bivalves but not bivalve.

In this instance, the system does not return records that contain the singular form of the term resulting in fewer records. By adding right-hand truncation to your search, the product returns both plural and singular terms. For example, *valve* returns bivalve and bivalves.


Did You Know ...

That the following wildcards (* $ ?) are allowed when using left-hand truncation in a search?

However, read the Right- and Left-hand Truncation help topic for information about how lemmatization works when you use wildcards.