Searching the Age Groups Field

By selecting an age group, you can limit your search to studies of that study population. Age groups are also MeSH subject headings.

You may limit your search by selecting a single age group or multiple age groups. The default selection is All age groups.

All Age Groups
All Infant: birth-23 months
All Child: 0-18 years
All Adult:19+ years
Newborn: birth-1 month
Infant: 1-23 months
Preschool Child: 2-5 years
Child: 6-12 years
Adolescent: 13-18 years
Adult: 19-44 years
Middle Aged: 45-64 years
Middle Aged + Aged: 45+ years
Aged: 65+ years
80 and over: 80+ years


Searching the Species Field

Select a species to limit retrieval to studies of humans or animals.


Searching the Gender Field

Select a gender to limit retrieval to studies of males or females.


Search Tip

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