Searching the MeSH Heading (No Explode) Field

Select one or more subject headings from the MeSH Thesaurus to search the MeSH Heading field in MEDLINE records. Click the MeSH Thesaurus search aid link to go to the thesaurus where you can select terms and transfer them to the Search page.

You can add qualifiers to subject headings to refine your search. Qualifiers add meaning or context to MeSH headings. Use the forward slash (/) to separate the qualifier from the subject heading. For example, entering Alopecia/Congenital will find all records in which the subject heading (Alopecia) and qualifier (Congenital) is in the MeSH Terms field in a Full Record.

You can also enter qualifiers without a subject heading. Be sure to preface the qualifier with a forward slash (/). For example, entering /Congenital will find all records in which the qualifier Congenital is in the MeSH Terms field in a Full Record.


MeSH Heading (No Explode) Examples
  • Intervertebral Disk Displacement

  • Intervertebral Disk Displacement/prevention & control

  • Malaria, Falciparum OR Blackwater Fever

  • Bipolar Disorder AND Insurance, Disability


Helpful Hints

Select MeSH Heading to add subject headings subordinate to the subject heading you entered in the field.

Select MeSH Major Topics (No Explode) to limit retrieval to records that indicate that the subject heading is a major topic in the document. Subject headings that are major topics are marked by an asterisk in the Full Record.