Searching the Cited Author Index

This index allows you to select one or more cited authors to add to your search query. Use this index to select the correct spelling or variant spellings of a name.


The system removes diacritical marks in searches within the search aid. For example, in an Author or Cited Author search, enter Porto instead of Pôrto.

In a Publication or Cited Work search, enter Acta Botanica Brasilica instead of Acta Botânica Brasilica.

Note that the system returns all data with diacritical marks included in the record.


Browse Option

Click a letter (A-Z) to browse through a list of items alphabetically. This feature is useful if you do not know the correct spelling of an item.


Move To Option

  1. Enter a name or the first few characters of a name in the Move To box. You do not need to use a wildcard. The text string Kell will take you to the same section of the index as the text string Kell*

If you add a wildcard, you must enter at least two characters before the wildcard. For example: Mc*

  1. Click the Move To button to go to a list of names that begin with the characters you entered.

  2. Click the Add button to add a name to your search. You may select multiple names. Multiple names are joined by the OR operator.

  3. Click OK to transfer the selected name(s) to the search field on the Basic Search or Advanced Search page.



The selected timespan appears in the right-hand corner of the page. The index contains all searchable items (and a record count) for this timespan.


Wildcards and Search Operators

Wildcards (* $ ?) and search operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, SAME) are treated as regular alphabetic characters. Do not use them in your search.

If an author name (or set of initials) contains a word that is a search operator, then that part of the name is enclosed in quotation (") marks.

Example: Or E appears as "Or" E