Searching the Address Field

Search the Address fields by entering the full or partial name of an institution and/or location from an author's address. For example, Univ and University finds institutions in which the term "Univ" appears in the Addresses field within a record.

When entering full names, do not use articles (a, an, the) and prepositions (of, in, for) in the name. For example, entering UNIV Pennsyvania is OK but entering University of Pennsylvania results in an error message.

Note that common address terms may be abbreviated in the product database. For example, the word Department may be abbreviated as Dept or Dep.

We recommend that you combine an Address search with an Author search to broaden or narrow your search results.


Address Examples

The system maps abbreviated address terms to known full address terms and vice-versa. For example:

  • Ave maps to Avenue and Avenue maps to Ave

  • Med maps to Medicine, Medical, and Medicinal and these three terms map to Med and to each other

  • Pkwy maps to Parkway and Parkway maps to Pkwy

  • Univ maps to University and University maps to Univ


SAME Operator

Use the SAME operator because it specifies that terms joined by the operator be in the same address. Using the SAME operator restricts your search.

For example, the search query IBM SAME NY retrieves records that contain these two terms in the Addresses field of a Full Record. For instance:

IBM Res Corp, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 USA

See also SAME


AND Operator

Use the AND operator to broaden your search across all addresses within a record.

The search IBM AND NY retrieves all of the records that IBM SAME NY retrieves. In addition, it will retrieve records in which IBM and NY are in the Address field but they are in different addresses.

For example, IBM AND NY retrieves a record that contains these two addresses.

1. Cornell Univ, Dept Mat Sci & Engn, Ithaca, NY 14853 USA
2. IBM Corp, Almaden Res Ctr, Div Res, San Jose, CA 95120 USA

As you can see, the product returned a record in which NY appears in one address and IBM appears in a different address.


  • Kyoto Univ AND Waseda Univ
  • Novartis OR Monsanto
  • Tufts SAME Geol
  • Univ Penn* NOT Cornell


About Search Operators

To search on an address that contains a search operator (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, SAME), enclose the name in quotation marks. Example: Portland "OR"

Also, try spelling out the full address. Example: Oregon OR "OR" AND Portland