Cited Reference Search: Step 1 of 2

Search for records that have cited a published work. All successful searches are added to the Search History table.

We recommend users search terms in the language of the local interface language they select. For example, if you select the Arabic language, type search terms in Arabic. Your search results may not always be accurate when you combine two different language (e.g., English and Arabic).

For advanced search, you can use field tags, Boolean characters, and wildcards. However, as you type in the advanced search field, the local language dictates how field tags, Boolean characters, wildcards display in the field.

For example, in the Arabic local interface, if you type #1 OR #3 in the advanced search field, the text displays: OR #1 #3 and will return the correct results based on #1 OR #3.

Note: Author and publication source name search aids are always in English regardless of the selected local interface language.


Through a cited reference search, you can discover how a known idea or innovation has been confirmed, applied, improved, extended, or corrected. Discover who’s citing your research and the impact your work is having on other researchers in the world.


How to Perform a Cited Reference Search

  1. Enter a name in the Cited Author field.
  2. Enter a journal title, book title or patent number in the Cited Work field.

  3. Click Search. The search will return entries from the Cited Reference Index that contain the cited author/cited work that you entered.

  4. If you retrieve too many hits, return to the Cited Reference Search page and add search criteria for Cited Year, Cited Volume, Cited Issue, or Cited Page.

  5. Select references and cited reference variations from the Cited Reference Index.

  6. Click Finish Search to go to the Results page. The system retrieves all records of publications that cite the references you selected from the Cited Reference Index.


Cited Reference Search Fields


Search Tips

Enter only the family name of the cited author. For example: Chen.

In the Cited Work field, enter an abbreviated title of the publication or the first one or two significant words of the title followed by an asterisk (*) wildcard (for example: microbiol*). Look up abbreviations for cited works in the Cited Work search aid or the Journal Abbreviations index.