Searching the Accession Number Field

The accession number is a unique identifying number associated with each record in the product. It consists of an accession number (a product identification code) and a sequence number.

Always join multiple numbers by the OR Boolean operator. Do not use AND, NOT, NEAR, and SAME when searching for accession numbers: the  product will return an error message.


Enter an accession number to find a specific record. For example, ARCI:20788314 finds the record identified by accession number ARCI:20788314.

You can retrieve a group of records by entering a partial accession number followed by an asterisk. For example, ARCI:207883* finds all records whose accession number begins with ARCI:207883, including:

  • ARCI:20788310
  • ARCI:20788326
  • ARCI:20788317

Note: Do not assume that accession numbers that start with the same numeric sequence indicate a group of records from the same issue of a publication.