Searching the Author Field

Enter the family name followed by the given name and/or initials in Arabic or Latin script.

All author names provided by the source publication are included and searchable.


Author Search Examples

  • Hassan, Israa Fares finds Hassan, Israa Fares

حسن, إسراء فارس finds حسن, إسراء فارس

  • Hassan finds Hassan, Israa Fares.; Hassan, Mohamed Mustafa Hussein.; Hassan, Rehab F., Hassan, Tariq A.and other names in which Hassan is the surname.

رشيد, عبدالخالق finds Rashid, Abdulkhaleq

  • رشيد  ر* finds ؛رشيد, روناك

Rashid R* finds Rasheed, Ronaak

  • رشيد *finds:

رشيد, محمود أحمد يعقوب (RESHEDE MAHMOUD AHMED YACCOP);

رشيد, علي محمد (RASHED ALI MOHAMED);

المومني, أمل رشيد عبدالرحمن  (AL-MOMANI AMAL RASHEED ABDELRAHMAN);

رشيد, حسن حنتوش  (RASHID HASSAN HANTOUSH);

؛رشيد, محمد مشرف (RASHID MOHAMED);

رشيد, سيد خالد (RASHID SYED KHALID);

زبشي, نوال؛رشيد, يوسفي (RASHID YOUSFI)

and other names in which رشيد is the surname.

Boolean Search Operators

Separate two or more names by the search operators AND, OR, and NOT.

  • إسماعيل (Ismail) AND أحمد (Ahmed) finds records of articles authored by both إسماعيل and أحمد
  • إسماعيل OR أحمد finds records of articles authored by either إسماعيل AND أحمد (or both إسماعيل AND أحمد).
  • إسماعيل NOT أحمد finds records of articles in which إسماعيل appears but not أحمد.


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