Marking Records

You can add up to 50,000 records to your Marked List where you can later print, save, e-mail, order, or export them from the Marked List page. The advantage of the Marked List is that you can add records to it from any Results or Full Record page and then perform an output operation just one time.

From the Results page, you can add records to your Marked List by selecting one of the following options, and then clicking the Add to Marked List button.

Go to the Output Records section at the bottom of the page.

  • Selected records on page
  • All records on page
  • A range of records such as 10 to 25

From the Full Record page, click the Add to Marked List button to add the record to your Marked List.

To go to your Marked List, click the Marked List link that appears in the menu bar at the top of any Web page in the Web of Science platform.


Marking Records for the Marked List Page

When you mark a record from a product's Results or Full Record page, the system adds that record to the product's Marked List and to the All Databases Marked List. The record will contain all data associated with the record and it is linked to the Full Record page.


Marked List Count

The number of records that you can add to the Marked List is 50,000 records.

You can select up to 50,000 records for a single product or you can split the number among all products in your subscription.

For example, if you have a subscription to Web of Science Core Collection and BIOSIS Citation Index, then you can add 30,000 records to your Web of Science Marked List and 20,000 records to your BIOSIS Citation Index Marked List or vice-versa.


Did You Know ...

The number of records in your Marked List is shown in the menu bar to the right of the Sign In link.

A check mark to the left of a record on the Results page means the record is in your Marked List.

A check mark to the left of the Print button on the Full Record page means the record is in your Marked List.