Searching the Group Author Field

A group author is an organization or institution that is credited with authorship of a source publication such as a journal article or a book.

Enter a group author name to search the Group Author(s) field within a full record.

Enter full names or partial names using wildcards (* $ ?). For example, the search for Worldwide* finds group authors such as:

  • Worldwide Network Blood & Marrow T
  • Worldwide Wave Investigators
  • Worldwide Study Grp
  • And more ...


Group Author Search Examples

  • NIMROD TEAM OR nimrod team retrieves the same results, case does not matter.

  • Parkin* finds papers authored by Parkinson Study Grp, Parkinsons Dis Res Grp United King, and so on.

  • Neuro* finds papers authored by Neuroblastoma Study Grp French, Neurocrine Biosciences Inc, Neuroscience Inst, and so on.
  • Human* finds papers authored by Human Genome Sci Inc, Human Growth Hormone, Human Sexuality Multispecialty Grp, and so on.

  • Magic Telescope Collaboration OR Magic Telescope Design Grp finds papers authored by either of these two groups (or both).


Group Author Index

The names of all group authors for the selected timespan appear in the Group Author Index. The index also lists the record count for each group author.

For example, if you selected From 2013 to To 2014 as the timespan search option, the Group Author Index would contain a list of names that were entered in the product database during this timespan.