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Search for journal changes in product records.

  1. From the Search page, click the Journal Coverage Changes button.

  2. Click a Current Contents Editions or Current Contents Collections link.

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  4. From the Journal Coverage Changes page, click a journal title to go to the Journal Change page to view the journal's current status.

See Current Contents Connect Databases for more detailed information.


Journal Title Changes

If you cannot find a particular journal title in the product (or if you cannot find current issues of a journal), then this is because the status of the journal has changed during the past 12 months. A journal change can have one of the following statuses.

  • Changed to: The journal title has changed. For example: Journal of Public Health Medicine Changed to Journal of Public Health

  • Absorbed by: The journal has been absorbed by another journal. For example: Journal of Materials Science Letters Absorbed by Journal of Materials Science

  • Ceased: The journal is no longer being published. For example: Electronics & Communication Engineering Journal Ceased

  • Dropped: Current issues of a journal are no longer added to the product. For example: Biogenic Amines Dropped