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[PDF] SureRoute for Performance SureRoute for Performance chooses the fastest path to the origin to ensure that your site is continuously accessible and that uncacheable content is delivered to end users with optimal performance. By leveraging Akamai's advanced mapping technologies to establish paths around Internet congestion spots and unnecessarily long routes, as well as failures, SureRoute for Performance selects the optimal path between origin and edge based on real-time data collected by Akamai.
closer to the ... Furthermore, Akamai.s SureRoute technology determines the ...
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SureRoute for Failover SureRoute for Failover focuses exclusively on reliability, coming into play if the direct path to your Web site is not accessible; for instance, because of a failing router. SureRoute for Failover provides several alternatives for directing end users to an origin server, ensuring that even dynamic, uncacheable content can always be delivered. ...
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Akamai SureRoute helps you avoid the costly problem of abandonment during complex transactions. Whether it is a purchase order, an online reservation, a customer survey, or an information update, SureRoute guarantees that the transaction is completed, and delivered with optimal performance to every end user.
Akamai SureRoute speeds the delivery of both cacheable and uncacheable dynamic content. This unique advantage (no other delivery solution can improve the performance of uncacheable content) gives your site a measurable performance edge. .