Web Application Accelerator

You know your organization could be more productive and achieve better results if employees, partners and customers would just use your B2B Web-based enterprise applications more. But they don't perform consistently, and you question whether increasing IT infrastructure or bandwidth will fix the problem. Web Application Accelerator gives users worldwide a faster, more reliable application experience by applying acceleration and route optimization technologies of the Akamai platform. It's a convenient managed service that addresses core Internet issues that no hardware appliance can solve. With Akamai's Web Application Accelerator, you get the response times, security, and availability that drive application adoption and productivity – without a big IT investment.

What's Included

Web Application Accelerator

Improves performance and reliability of Web-based applications


Scalable, high quality live and on demand streaming services in all major formats including Windows Media, Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime and Real.


Akamai Net Storage is a secure, outsourced service that eases the burden and costs of storing content.

Want faster Web applications without increasing IT costs?

Akamai Web Application Accelerator…

  • - Reduces capital and operational costs
  • - Can help increase revenue associated with Web applications
  • - Drives application adoption
  • - Enhances user productivity
  • - Minimizes application downtime
  • - Scales on demand
  • - Deploys quickly