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Cited References

View a list of books and articles cited by the document whose title appears at the top of the page. You display this page when you click the Cited References link on a Full Record page.

  • The first line of a cited record displays the names of up to three authors or inventors. An asterisk in the first position indicates a corporate inventor.

  • The second line displays the title of the article or book, which is linked to the Full Record in the product. If the record is not available in the product, the phrase title not available is shown and is linked to the Full Record in Web of Science.

  • If available, the third line displays the conference title and other information about the conference.

  • If there is no conference information, the third line displays source information, including the name of the publication followed by the issue number, page numbers, and publication date.

Find Related Records

To view Related Records, click the Find Related Records button. Make sure you clear the check boxes of any records that you do not want to review.

The assumption behind Related Records searching is that documents that cite the same works have a subject relationship, regardless of whether their text or titles contain the same terms. The more cited references two documents share, the closer is the subject relationship.

For more information, go to the Related Records page

Available Options

  • To view the Full Record of a cited reference in ISI Proceedings, click the title link of the record.

  • To view the Full Record of a cited reference in Web of Science, click the title not available link. Subscription required.

  • To return to the Full Record page, click the title link that appears at the top of the page.

Did You Know ...

Cited references are not included in pre-1999 data in ISI Proceedings.

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