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Full Record

View all of the information about a record that is contained in the ISI ProceedingsSM databases. The title of the document appears at the top of the page.

Any or all of the following fields may appear in a record, depending on the content and type of the source document. If no data are available for a particular field, then the field does not display.

Full Record Fields


The title of the article or paper.


The name of the authors. You may see two versions of an author name in records of articles published in 2006 and later. For example: Diaz, G (Diaz, Gregorio).

Be aware that you must still search for an author by last name followed by one or more initials.

Group Author(s)

The name of the corporate author.


The source information for journals and books.

Journals: Volume (issue), starting page, ending page, part, supplement, and publication date.

Books: Series volume, starting page, ending page, and publication date.

Book Series

The full title of the book and subtitle.


The name of the editors.


Specifies the number of references cited by the paper.

Note Cited references are not included in pre-1999 data in ISI Proceedings.

Related Records

Specifies the number of records that share at least one cited reference in common with the displayed record. Click the button to display Related Records.

Note Related Records® are not included in pre-1999 data in ISI Proceedings. A Related Records button will not appear for pre-1999 records.

Conference Information

The conference name, location, date, and sponsor.


A brief summary or description of the essential content from the source document.

Document Type

The selected document type.


The selected language of the source document.

Author Keywords

The author keywords.

KeyWords Plus

KeyWords Plus® are index terms created by Thomson Reuters from significant, frequently occurring words in the titles of an article's cited references.


The name of the reprint address, the reprint author, and all the research addresses.


The name and address of the publisher.

Subject Category

One or more subject categories.

IDS Number

The Thomson Reuters Document Solution® number. This number uniquely identifies the journal and issue. It is used to order the full text of the article from Document Solution.


The International Standard Serial Number is a unique eight-digit number that identifies periodical publications such as journals and electronic publications.


The International Standard Book Number is a unique machine-readable identifier that marks a book unmistakably.


The Digital Object Identifier (DOI®) is a system for permanently identifying and exchanging intellectual property in the digital environment.

Example: DOI: 10.1134/S1061920808010020

See for more information.

DOI® is a registered trademark of the International DOI Foundation.

Output Record

  1. Select the data to include in the record.
  2. Select an output option.

Marked List

Add records to your Marked List where you can later print, save, e-mail, order, or export from the Marked Records page.

  1. Click the Add to Marked List button.
  2. Click the Marked List link to go to the View / Manage Marked Lists page.

A check mark icon indicates the record is in your Marked List.

Want to know more?

Web of Science Options

  • To view records in Web of Science that cite the record you are viewing, click the Cited by link.

  • To view records in Web of Science that share references with the record you are viewing, click the view related records link. More about Related Records?

  • To view records in Web of Science that the current record cites, click the References link. More about Cited References?

  • To view the current record in Web of Science or another product, click the appropriate link under the Additional Information heading.

* Subscription to Web of Science required

One-Click Search

For linked names and terms, click the link to retrieve all records in the product (within the selected timespan) that contain the selected author or term. The new set of results is automatically added to your Search History.

Create Citation Alert

To add the current record to your Citation Alerts list, click the Create Citation Alert button. When you create a citation alert, Thomson Reuters will notify you by e-mail whenever a document has been cited by a paper.

* Subscription required

ENWeb Option

EndNote Web Library icon Click this icon to go to your EndNote Web library.

This icon only appears if you have signed in and if the record is already in your EndNote Web library. For information on how to save a record to your library, see Save to EndNote Web.

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