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Enter topic terms to search the following fields within a record.

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  • Keywords Plus®

Enter your search terms in any order. The product returns every record containing all your search terms. To look for an exact phrase, use quotation marks. Example: "global warming"

Enter one or more terms connected with Booleans (AND, OR, NOT, and SAME). Enter complete words and phrases or partial words and phrases using wildcards (* ? $).

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Topic Search Rules

  • AIDS, Aids, and aids returns the same results: case does not matter.

  • Enzym* matches enzyme, enzymes, enzymatic, and enzymology.

  • Sul*ur matches sulfur and sulphur.

  • Flavo$r matches flavor and flavour.

Topic Search Examples

  • "Water consumption" finds records containing the exact phrase water consumption.

  • Water AND consumption finds records containing the words water and consumption. The two words may appear in the same Topic field or they may be in different Topic fields.

  • Water consumption (without quotation marks) is equivalent to the search water AND consumption.

  • Water AND consum* finds records containing the words water, consume, consumed, consumer, consumption, and so on.

  • Water SAME consumption finds records containing the words water and consumption in the same sentence.

  • Water OR consumption finds records containing either water or consumption or both words.

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Search Tips

  • Use quotation marks to find exact phrases. For example, "soil drainage" finds soil drainage, but not drainage of soil.

  • Use terms without quotation marks to find records that contain those terms. For example, soil drainage finds soil drainage, drainage of soil, soil type and drainage, and so on.

  • Use the SAME operator to find words in any order in the same sentence. For example, soil SAME drain* finds soil drainage, drainage of soil, well-drained soil, and so on.

About Stopwords

Certain frequently used words such as articles (a, an, the), prepositions (of, in, for, through), and pronouns (it, their, his) are not searchable in the Topic field. These stopwords may be entered as part of a phrase, but they are not searched. For example, the phrase "men versus women" returns records that include the words men and women, but versus is ignored because it is a stopword.

This help page last modified 5/29/2008