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Field Tags

These two-character field tags identify fields in records that you e-mail or save to file.

FN File Name
VR File Format Version Number
PT Publication Type (book, journal, book in series)
AU Authors
AF Author Full Name
CA Group Authors
TI Document Title
ED Editors
SO Publication Name
SE Book Series Title
BS Book Series Subtitle
LA Language
DT Document Type
CT Conference Title
CY Conference Date
CL Conference Location
SP Conference Sponsors
DE Author Keywords
ID Keywords Plus®
AB Abstract
C1 Author Addresses
RP Reprint Address
CR Cited References
NR Cited Reference Count
PU Publisher
PI Publisher State
PA Publisher Address
SC Subject Category
J9 29-Character Source Abbreviation
JI ISO Source Abbreviation
PD Publication Date
PY Year Published
VL Volume
IS Issue
PN Part Number
SU Supplement
SI Special Issue
BP Beginning Page
EP Ending Page
DI Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
PG Page Count
GA Document Delivery Number
UT Unique Article Identifier
ER End of Record
EF End of File

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