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Thomson Scientific WebPlus

Thomson Scientific WebPlus is an open Web search engine created by Thomson Reuters that harnesses the power of our editorial expertise, controlled vocabularies, and proprietary relevancy algorithms. It is designed to complement your search results, bringing the most relevant Web resources to the forefront for the professional researcher.

WebPlus allows you to search the Web by Topic, Person/Author, Source, Institution, Organism, Drug, and Gene.

Search Order Precedence

Be aware that the product processes your search according to this order of precedence, and not as they appear on the search page (that is, top to bottom).

  1. SAME
  2. NOT
  3. AND
  4. OR

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Do not use field tags in search fields. The use of field tags is not supported and will cause unpredictable retrieval of results. If you wish to use field tags in your search, go to the Advanced Search page where field tags are allowed.

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